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Jac is not only the founder of Jaco Marketing, he is also an expert in re-branding. He regularly hosts 1-1 digital marketing consultations and webinar sessions focussed on helping brands improve their online presence.

The webinars are split into three topics which are: brand awareness, consumer engagement, and customer value. This has proven to be effective as Jac breakdowns marketing approaches and frameworks into bitesize chunks that can be easily understood.

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Key benefits of our webinars:



An effective marketing strategy is a MUST for businesses. This is why our webinars help you create and refine your firm’s marketing strategy to be more results focussed.



We help you create visually appealing designs that complement your brand’s house style. Since Jac is an expert in branding, he will be more than happy to teach you what works well.



Let’s not hide away from the fact that this is what we’re in business for. No one has ever said they want to earn less or have less market share. Our webinars are tailored to ensure your marketing is working as effectively as possible for you.



From the regularity of your social media updates to the quality of your video production. Each of our actions ensures your brand is promoted as professionally as possible and constantly appreciates in market share.

Jaco Marketing helped me improve my customer reach on social media. The tips he gave in the consultation were so helpful.

Eden Daniell

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