5 KEY Things Small Businesses Can Use To Improve Their SEO Ranking in 2021

A couple of months ago, we released a blog post explaining what search engine optimisation (SEO) is, and why it is important for attracting attention to your business and gaining new customers. In this post, we’ll be taking it a step further by stating five key ways small businesses like yours can improve their search results visibility and ranking through SEO.


One of the most important ways of improving your SEO ranking is to ensure you are publishing high quality digital content. Whether it be on your website or social media profiles, relevant and informative text is crucial for satisfying the SEO algorithms. This can be done in the form of articles, guides, FAQs, status updates, or even blog posts such as this, but remember to use a mix of both current and timeless information. Another important factor is to be consistent with posting this content, not only to further aid your visibility in search results, but to also build a familiarity with potential customers.


Another way to boost SEO, closely linked with content, is to include a variety of relevant keywords. It’s only natural for this area to be important to SEO, as the many algorithms employed by search engines will scan millions of websites for words related to what the user has searched for. Therefore, it is crucial that you explore which keywords best fit your business and try to include them naturally within your content, so as to increase the chances of your company being seen by a user searching similar phrases. You may also be able to gain an edge on your competition by identifying keywords or phrases searched by users that have not been properly utilised by rival firms.

User Experience

In successful companies, customer satisfaction is often the main priority, and this includes keeping potential consumers happy whilst on your website. Therefore, it is important to ensure your business’ site provides a positive user experience to both keep visitors around for longer and improve your SEO ranking. The way this works is that many SEO algorithms monitor how long a user spends on a site and any reviews they may leave about it, so a negative experience will harm you in this area. To avoid this, invest in building a website that is streamlined, focussed, loads fast, looks appealing, and is easy to navigate. Also consider making your site mobile-friendly, as a vast number of consumers continue to find goods and services from their handheld devices.

Social Media

It’s common knowledge that social media platforms can be used as marketing tools to attract customers to your business, but improving your profiles on these platforms can also benefit your SEO ranking. This includes a number of relatively small but important changes or additions to all of your social media profiles, such as a consistent business name, relevant information, physical address, and contact information. Also try to include links to your other business profiles and of course your website. These fairly minor changes also have the added benefit of improving the appearance of your social media profiles, which can boost customer appeal and brand awareness.


As with any actions made in the business world, the most important step is to monitor and analyse results. After implementing the measures described in this post, you may find some things aren’t going the way you want – in which case, don’t be afraid to re-evaluate any of the steps taken. A huge aid in this area comes in the form of free tools and services search engines like Google provide, which can help you monitor the various trends and analytics of your business. Thus, it is very worthwhile familiarising yourself with these tools. Above all, it is important to note that improving your SEO ranking will not happen overnight, so continue to make changes and monitor results with patience.

Let us know if you have any questions about these tips, we will be more than happy to help.